December 30, 2016. That was the day my aunt and I made a $50.00 bet that I would not get my license before I turned 20. Well, today I got my license and I’m still 19. So I guess I owe my aunt $50.00. But honestly I thought I would never get my license and I would be taking the bus or getting other people to drive me around for the rest of my life. How did I get my license? This summer I had a summer job working in one of my friend’s home. Near the beginning of the summer she asked if I would be willing to let her help me get my license, and I said something to the effect of sure if you want to, and so we left it at that. Fast forward to mid-July Charlene asked me again, and I said the same thing, and Charlene said something to the effect of this isn’t something that if I want, it is something that if you want, and she said she understood if I just wasn’t ready, but I told her sure that she could help me get my license. So in the beginning of August we went out driving about once a week, and the second time we went out she told me that her husband, Sheldon thought I should book my road test. I thought for a few seconds and asked her if she thought I would be ready, and she told me that she thought I would be ready, and then I thought for a few more seconds, and told her that I hadn’t parallel parked in 4 years, and Charlene said that if we need to we could practice parallel parking for 3 hours a day if we need to. I think the most we ever practiced parallel parking for was maybe half an hour. So a few days later I booked my road test for September 8, 2017 at 8am (today). And by the way my parents did not know I was going for my license. I think maybe only 11 people knew that I was going for my license, and 10 of those people were related to Charlene, and the other one was a good friend. Charlene kept telling me that she was glad we were not in charge of the fine details, like the driver examiner, and that we just need to trust God. Now that is good advice, and trusting God is something I always am doing no matter how hard it is, but the advice of trusting God just wasn’t putting me at ease. About a week and a half before Charlene gave me some of the best advice I have ever heard. She told me that she knew I was good under-pressure, and I asked her how she knew that, and she said by all the piano exams I have done. And I actually found that so true because I have never once failed a piano exam, I may have been close, but I have never failed. That was some advice I held onto for the next week. But honestly I think it was God’s timing that I got my license, and I could not have got it at a better time, because pretty soon both of my parents will not be able to drive. It took me 4 years to get my license, but I finally did it!


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