The Wish Book Christmas

This is the only Christmas book I have read so far this Christmas season and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the book. It is a book I highly recommend!

My thoughts: Something I really loved about this story was that it was a Christmas story centered around giving, (instead of the typical romance Christmas stories; not that those are bad,) and it was so amazing to see the progression in these two little 5 year old boys, about how they were dreading giving to people in need to at the end of the book, now having gained this heart of giving and wanting to truly give to others and immediately thinking of ways to do that. I truly adored this heartwarming Christmas story.

Description of the story: This book is the sequel to If I Were You and I wouldn’t say that there were any spoilers in this book. I will leave a tag above so that you can find my review of If I Were You.

Two single Moms; Audrey and Eve are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in America now that the war is over with their 5 year old sons Harry and Bobby. Harry and Bobby are also very excited for Christmas, but the 1951 Sears Christmas WishBook arrives and they want every single toy from every single page. This really concerns Audrey and Eve and they are concerned that Harry and Bobby don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas; Jesus’s birthday. Audrey and Eve also don’t want their boys to become selfish and only think of themselves so they come up with the idea for their son to be wisemen and give three gifts to people in need. This is not an easy thing for them to do, but through the story, they begin to realize how important it is to do what they are doing.

But the one thing Harry and Bobby can’t find in the Christmas Wish Book is a dad and they both would really like a dad. And so Audrey and Eve both have to open themselves to the possibility of marriage again even though they think it is too soon or that they are undeserving of love again.

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