I Started A Blog

Starting a blog was always an idea I had in the back of my mind and for the longest time I had no idea where to start. This summer one of my friends mentioned to me that I should start a blog. I ended up getting another one of my friends to help me set it up and that’s how I was able to start this blog. My name is Alicia and I am 19 years old. I am going into my 2nd year of Music Education at the University of Regina. I follow Jesus Christ and I am excited to live the life that He has planned out for me! I decided to call my blog Notes of Joy because I wanted something that was music and faith related, but even if you take music and faith out the name it still makes sense. I chose the word notes, because of music notes. If you don’t think of music notes, it could also mean notes that you are writing. I chose the word joy, because as Christians we should have an unending joy. As Debbie Bennett said “There is a huge difference between joy and happiness. I hope you know the difference in your own life. Joy comes from God, in knowing the peace that passes all understanding no matter the situation. Happiness is dependant on circumstances, and comes and goes … I am grateful beyond any measure that I have a deep, abiding joy.” I enjoy travelling and one of my goals is to travel the world. I also enjoy music. I play many instruments but my principal instrumemt is piano which I have been playing for 16 years.

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