First Week, Second Year, Third Semester

Last Wednesday I started my second year of University studying music education. Many people ask what I can do with that degree. Ideally, I would like to teach music in high school. Now, saying that, teaching music in high school might not happen right away. I could end up teaching music in an elementary school. Or I could even be teaching general subjects in a high school or elementary school and not music at all. I am now a full week into my second year. Lately people have been asking how school is going. I have 7 classes this semester, which I know many of you would say how can you be taking so many classes? The answer is I’m a music student. The other answer is during my first semester of my first year I had 11 classes, so even though many people think I have lots of classes, to me it feels like I don’t have very many, even though I really do. These 7 classes add up to 15 credit hours.  (Most University students take between 3-5 classes.) One of the classes I have is Music Technology in the Classroom. This class teaches you the practical things that you will be doing in the classroom when you become a teacher. On Tuesday we did inventory on some instruments, to see what instruments we had, which is something you will be doing when you are a music teacher. Another class I have is Education Core Studies which focuses on Self and Other. Some of the topics we will be covering are race, gender, residential schools, poverty and many more. I am also taking music theory and one part of music theory is analysing pieces of music, such as a piece written by Mendelsohn which means identifying the chords in the piece and looking to see if the phrase of music is similar to the phrase before. Another part is identifying chords in a piece of music that have the same notes in two different keys. I am also taking Vocal Technique which is learning basic and healthy techniques to having a strong voice. As well, we will be learning how to teach the techniques to someone who wants to learn to sing the very basics, as well we would be able to teach a school choir. On Friday the 8th, I attended a performance that our prof performed in, so that we, the class, could see and hear what a professional voice sounded like. Since I am a music student I have to be in two ensembles. The two ensembles that I am are Concert Choir and Concert Band. In band I am playing the trombone. In Choir I am singing the alto part which is the lower part in the treble clef. This past summer the University went on a Choirs (Concert Choir and Chamber Choir) trip to Cuba and I had the opportunity to go along, and it was an amazing experience. Everyone that went learned so much and we all had a great time. None of us that went on this trip knew each other, and if we did it was very little, and we all came away as friends. There were 22 of us that went to Cuba. As well as being a music student you have an instrument major and my instrument major is piano, which means I have piano lessons once a week. Right now I have decided to play pieces by Mozart and Debussy. As piano majors we are required/expected to practice about/at least 10 hours a week. There are five 2nd year piano majors and there are two 1st year piano majors. There is also a 1st year organ major. One of the 1st year piano majors is from British Columbia and I met her the other day in Choir. The other 1st year piano major is from China, but I have not met/seen her yet and I don’t think anyone else has seen her either. The 2nd year piano majors are all from Saskatchewan and only one is from outside of Regina. I am now finished my first full week of classes and I am excited for this semester of University.

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